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Hi! I'm Jade Rivera

A curriculum and learning environment designer with an expertise in strength-based education for neurodivergent children.

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Jade Rivera, 2022

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Let me help you...


  • project-based curriculum that honors your student’s strengths.

  • your micro-school or other small, specialized learning environment.


  • a marketing and enrollment plan (including content creation and copywriting) for your micro-school or small, specialized learning environment.


  • professional development for your staff about the power and practicality of strength-

based, positive education strategies.

  • professional development for your staff about the unique constellation of academic, social, and emotional needs for neurodivergent children; specifically 2e children.

About Me

For nearly fifteen years, I’ve designed, launched, and led micro-schools in Oakland, CA, where I provided unique and engaging strengths-based learning environments that children adored. My training in Nonviolent Communication and my Montessori credential inspire my educational philosophies and practices, including strength-based pedagogy, project-based learning, dual-differentiation strategies, and gradeless classrooms.

My work focuses on neurodivergent children, specifically with twice-exceptional children: quirky children with minds that make sense of the world differently from other children their age, or those who need an unusual amount of scaffolding to accomplish simple-looking tasks yet inspire us with boundary-pushing insights and creations. I draw on my compassion as well as my personal and professional experience to help these children understand who they are and how they learn—then I translate that to the caregivers and professionals that care for them.

In 2016 I was honored by the California Association for the Gifted for distinguished service on behalf of gifted and twice-exceptional children. More recently, I was recognized as a “person to watch in the 2e movement” by 2e News.

My newest publication, Could You Live Underwater: A Design Thinking and STEM Curriculum is available now from Routledge publishing. My second book on micro-schools, Do More of What Makes You Awesome: Micro-Schools for Twice-Exceptional Children, is forthcoming from GHF Press.

I earned my Ed.D. at Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity in 2022. It is my honor to continue on as a professor at the same school, supporting others as they envision a strength-based world for neurodivergent humans.

"I am excited to recommend Dr. Jade Rivera as an advocate for 2e/g children and expert designer of micro-schools in particular. Jade's passion and expertise place her in the top of her field. I have had the opportunity to work with Jade and have always found her to be very passionate and committed to making a difference in the lives of the students and families that she serves. Jade Rivera is well on her way to becoming a leader in our field and one from whom others can learn, and emulate. I look forward to the work that Dr. Rivera will share with our field and how others will refer to her as someone who listened, provided support, and readily shared her expertise!" - Dr. Joy Lawson Davis, @davis_joy

"I have had the good fortune to work with Jade Rivera in multiple educational settings. Jade is an empathetic and focused leader with a deep theoretical understanding of strength focused approaches to learning and years of on the ground, real world experience designing innovative programs and curricula for neurodivergent learners. She has a notable ability to distill her knowledge and experience into concise and powerful ideas that connect with educators, families and learners alike. Jade is a deeply creative and caring person, a refreshingly direct communicator and a pleasure to collaborate with." - Kimberlee Joseph, M.Ed.

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